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Escape the Fate (2008-Now.)

The start of Escape the Fate: In 2005, Escape the Fate was found by winning a local radio contest judged by the band My Chemical Romance. Before Craig was vocalist and Monte was the only guitarist, the lead singer of Escape the Fate was current lead of Falling in Reverse, Ronnie Radke. And the other guitarist, Omar Espinosa left. On May 23rd 2006, Escape the Fate released their 1st EP "There's No Sympathy For the Dead". 4 months later the band released their 1st full lengthed album "Dying is Your Latest Fashion". Their only full length album with original lead vocalist, Ronnie Radke.

The Departure of Omar Espinosa: Omar had to leave in 2007 while on tour because of personal issues that were never discussed.

The Departure of Ronnie Radke: In early 2008, Ronnie Radke was kicked out of Escape the Fate due to him being sent to jail in June of 2008 due to the many drug issues and a battery charge that led to death of Michael Cook. Due to the fact that because of Radke's run-ins with the law, Max Green stated "First we couldn't tour out of the country, now we can't tour out of state."

The Arrival of Craig Mabbitt: Craig Mabbitt made the lucky mistake of dialing the wrong number and being able to speak to Escape the Fates maneger when he was only on a temporary stay with Escape the Fate in 2008 after Radke's departure. After the relase of their 1st full lengthed album "This War is Ours" with Mabbitt, he became the perminant lead singer of Escape the Fate. 2 years after Mabbitts arrival they released another full lengthed album, self titled "Escape the Fate".

Full Lengthed Albums:

  • "Dying is Your Latest Fashion" - (2006)
  • "This War is Ours" - (2008)
  • "Escape the Fate (self titled)" - (2010)
  • Ungrateful - (2013)
  • Hate Me - (2015)


  • The Dead Masquerade - (2011)
  • Raid the Nation - (2011)
  • This World Is Ours Tour (2012)

Raid the Nation was made up of - Rockstar Uproar Festival, Rock on the Range, Rocklahoma, Lazerfest, and Download Festival.

  • note - Escape the Fate also did a small few shows with Papa Roach and RED in the spring of 2011.

Current Members of Escape the Fate:

  • Craig Mabbitt - Lead vocals
  • Kevin Thrasher - Guitar
  • TJ Bell - Bass, back-up vocals
  • Robert Ortiz - Drums

Former Members of Escape the Fate:

  • Ronnie Radke - Lead vocals
  • Omar Espinosa - Back-up guitarist, back-up vocals.
  • Carson Allen - Keyboards, Synthesizers, back-up vocals.
  • Max Green - Bass, back-up vocals.

Touring Members of Escape the Fate:

  • Michael "Moneyman" Money - Rhythm Guitarist (2008-2010)
  • Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft - Lead Guitar (2011)
  • TJ Bell - Bass, Back-up vocals (2010-2011)
  • Zakk Sandler - Bass, back-up vocals (2011)

Escape the Fate EPs:

  • "There's No Sympathy For the Dead" - (2006)
  • "Situations EP" - (2007)
  • "Issues Remixs EP" - (2011)